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Friday, 03 July 2020
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Interested in a career in health care? Perhaps you already work in this field and want to enhance your skills. These courses let you develop your skills and understanding, and can lead to a qualification that it′s nationally recognised and valued by employers.

Course Category

Mental Health

Mental Health / Epilepsy Module Enrol Now
Cost:   £45 + VAT   Course and Test Expiry :   1 Day(s)  
This course provides an overview of medicines used in the management of Epilepsy. It comprises: Defining epilepsy; Signs, symptoms and diagnosis; Epilepsy and autism, Stages & causes of a seizure; Epidiemiology; Treatment options; Medicines used and side effects and drug interactions; VNS; The role of the carer. This course is only available onsite.
Mental Health / Mental Health in Social Care Enrol Now
Cost:   £45 + VAT   Course and Test Expiry :   1 Day(s)  
A course specifically designed to cover the managment of mental health in social care with a particular focus on medication managment of dementia and its place in the overall treatment of dementia in social care. The course covers common drugs used, their mode of action, the common side effects observed and interactions with other medication. A must have for any carers or nurses providing support to service users with dementia in social care settings. This is only available onsite.

Medication in Care

Medication in Care / Core Module (Safe handling of medication) Enrol Now
Cost:   £45 + VAT   Course and Test Expiry :   14 Day(s)  
Fully Accredited by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and meets the requirements of the New Essential Standards. The core module provides an overview to care home staff of the essential knowledge that is required for them to safely monitor and to administer medicines to the service users in their care. This module provide valuable knowledge for those studying for an NVQ in Health & Social Care levels 2 and 3. This is a course of study which fully complies with the requirements of the New Essential Standards (England and Wales) and in Scotland to the National Care Standards (NCS) and covers: Legislation and Medication; Roles, responsibilities and boundaries; Types of medicine and routes; Safe practice in the administration of medicine. This course on the safe handling of medication and adminstration of medication in care homes meets all of the requirements of the Skills for Care Knowledge set on Medication and guidance issued by CQC.
Medication in Care / Advanced Module Enrol Now
Cost:   £POA   Course and Test Expiry :   1 Day(s)  
This advanced course builds upon the knowledge gained from the core module. It is aimed at nursing level staff. Topics covered include: Functions of main organs, drug mechanism of action, drug therapy, pharmacogenetics, adverse drug reactions, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic drug interactions. This is not available online as it involves extensive workshop sessions.
Medication in Care / Domicilary Care Module Enrol Now
Cost:   £POA   Course and Test Expiry :   1 Day(s)  
This training module provides an overview of medication as used in this specific care environment and builds upon the same core competencies as the Core module. It is accredited by the College of Pharmacy Practice and covers, in addition to areas of practice specific to domicillary care: Drugs & Medicines, Sources of drug information, The journey of a drug through the body, Type of medication & how they act in the body, Recognizing some side effects, Handling medication, Management & administration of medicines, Covert and self administration, The law and the legal framework of medicines in the UK, Record keeping and auditing, Accountablilites and responsibilities. It is only available onsite.
Medication in Care / Invasive Techniques Enrol Now
Cost:   £POA   Course and Test Expiry :   1 Day(s)  
This course is delivered at your premises and highlights the major techniques used when administering medication invasively. The module comprises the understanding and administration of rectal and oral medications, subcutaneous and intramuscular Injections, and PEG Medication/ feeding.


Diabetes / Diabetes Module Enrol Now
Cost:   £45 + VAT   Course and Test Expiry :   1 Day(s)  
This course is ideal for delegates who routinely look after service users who suffer from diabetes. The course covers an an outline of the clinical condition, its management, and common problems and their presentation including the signs and symptoms of diabetes. A must have foundation course covering all the basics. It is not currently available online, and can only be delivered onsite.

Management Assessments

Management Assessments / Assessing Competency in Medication Handling Enrol Now
Cost:   £Price on A   Course and Test Expiry :   1 Day(s)  
Cost per sessional course This module is designed to help care home managers assess the competency of care staff in handling medication and is only available onsite. All delegates will be taken through the background and legislation, including accountabilities for care managers. All delegates also receive an assessment framework toolkit to use when assessing the competency of staff in the care setting. One of our most popular courses.

Systems Training

Systems Training / Generic Systems Training (MDS Training) Enrol Now
Cost:   £45 + VAT   Course and Test Expiry :   1 Day(s)  
This is a bespoke training programme delivered by experienced sector professionals and is aligned to the care home's current system. It is designed to ensure that staff are fully competent in all aspects of medication ordering, checking in, administration and returns. This course is only delivered onsite and is not available online.

Please Note:
Prices shown per delegate per course. You have 14 days from course activation to login and complete the course and test before automatic expiry. Please note that an administration fee of 15% will be charged to reactivate the course should you fail to complete the course and test before the expiry

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